Monday, August 18, 2014

Small Peg People Printable Clothes - Ninjas and Pirates and Painting Ninja Faces

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by someone, who wanted to know if I would make some peg ninja clothes for a birthday party. She was also interested in instructions on how to make the masks and eyes for the ninjas. Since I needed to take some pictures for reference and write all the instructions anyways, I figured might as well write up a quick post. Oh, and I had another person who requested the printable peg clothes for small peg dolls, and since I was already working on making the small peg clothes for her, it was easy to make a few extras for freebies. Even better!

To paint the peg ninjas, I started with cutting small rectangles from tape. I used washi tape, but recommend using masking tape.

Then I gently dabbed paint on around the tape. Some still leaked through, which I fixed easily after the paint dried. Painted the peg doll heads and shoulders black, because I was going to glue on the printable clothes. Otherwise just paint it all black.

For the eyes the easiest and best tool I found was toothpicks. Not the flat ones. I tried tiny paintbrush, paint markers (don't use it, inconsistent results), sharpie markers (bleeds into the wood, don't use it) but toothpicks seem to work the best.

Neat little eyes!

Using Mod Podge I glued on the clothes and had a small army of peg ninjas at my disposal. 

Now, the freebies: 2 small ninja and 2 small pirate printable outfits.
Download  NINJA
Download  PIRATE

Print without scaling or fitting the page. You can print these on your home printer, however you will get longer lasting, better quality prints from your local printer. I take them to Staples and print on card stock paper. It only costs about $1. Here is a step by step tutorial on how I do it with a free printable as well for large peg dolls. LARGE PEG PEOPLE PIRATE PRINTABLE

Now I'm off to sew before summer vacation is over and we start homeschooling again.